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The Haunting of Haelstrom Cottage

After a while the lurking evil realised that it would not be left alone in its haunt. It needed to do something prudent. It needed to do something right away 

”Beware the shadow, the darkness that dwells, the horror that maddens,” 

Philip built the house beside the lake, in the constant shadow of Wickerbatch hill, surrounded by Crickernock Forest. It was the house that he was to live in with his beloved wife Rosie and their baby boy, Lewis. For all eternity. Them and the resident, lurking nameless evil in the shadows of Haelstrom Cottage. The cottage rested at the foot of the hill in such a way that sunlight never reached it. The towering mound of Wickerbatch Hill stood behind it, and all around it was the thicket of Crickernock Forest.

Emma was the new nurse in Salisbury, relegated to the cesspool of the profession. It was a long way from the city of London that had been her home, and all she had was her unreliable old car and a bachelor apartment on the outskirts of Salisbury. And now at last she had an old lady to care for, living alone way outside of Salisbury, under a forested mountain next to a lake. How lovely it all sounded.

Emma is found knocking back the whiskeys in a Salisbury pub not two days after leaving to care for Mrs Garret. Old, crippled, mute Lisa Garret now has a new persona. Emma is no longer sure of her own sanity. There had been blood, a baby boy, and a man with a cleaver and a woman. And there had been the crippled lady's metal cross. And the warning...

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The Haunting of Stonegate Workhouse

“To be uninitiated to horrors, whether they are of the past or of the present, is a gift of ignorance that I shall forever long for, since its loss was in part due to my own doing, though I must mention I was not responsible for anything vile. If anything, my account, written with care and trepidation, is for you, Reader, so that you too are initiated to horror”

Doctor Alexander Bowles, Professor of History at the University of Sheffield had the Stonegate Workhouse declared a historical site. Now he had to get that made official, with the help of two History students, Martin and Troy. With his marriage in tatters and his personal life a mess, he was ready to take on the money-grabbing developers to restore this derelict one-hundred-and-ten-year-old workhouse to its former glory as a museum.

The old Workhouse had been the life dream of a wealthy Philanthropist with a ne’er do well, spoilt son, who sadly did not survive to see his establishment fully realised. On their debut expedition inside the old building, Alex and his students each experienced their own very unique encounters of phenomena.

Would these visitations lead the benevolent historians to their end, or guide them ever nearer to succeeding in their goal? Can anyone truly survive an encounter with the dead with their wits intact?

This captivating look into the depths of human depravity and the supernatural will have you viewing the haunted and derelict old buildings in your life with a fresh perspective.

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The Haunting of Shadowlands Manor

Devastated by a personal tragedy, the Browning family move into Shadowlands Manor. But their plans for a happy new future come to a screeching halt when their youngest child discovers something in the attic. Beset by creeping shadows that bite, and a spirit that threatens their very lives, will the Browning’s manage to secure their home, or will they have to pay a heavy price?

Inexplicable malevolent onslaughts to their new home start to take a toll on the tapestry of the family unit, and Hugh Browning must look to the unimaginable to help keep his family safe, with their sanity intact.

The author moves engagingly between the two eras, creating endearing characters and holding the reader spellbound with this new chilling tale from Tabatha Cross…

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The Haunting of Blackmore House

Blackmore house had paid its dues as a home to the wealthy Blackmore family, then Mistress Blackmore and eventually the Hospice Care Home. But Jasper has high hopes that it will rejuvenate his ailing wife, Jane, a year after her paralysing accident, and rehabilitate their strained relationship. He buys the house and moves Jane in, but sans the yearned for enthusiasm.

Jasper starts working longer hours and becomes less interactive, and Jane accepts that her months of aloofness are to blame. Maybe she could give him the baby he longs for, maybe she could be the wife he longs for even without her agility.

Jane is fairly house-bound, but active and engaged, although the persistent thudding from that locked room upstairs is wearing her nerves thin. Where is the key? Why that continuous noise? Is she being watched, or is she indeed paranoid? Jasper is not interested in discussing any of her questions.

Will the house claim their love or can the Andrews couple live their lives out happily ever after in Blackmore House?

Find out what happens to the family in his new chilling classic haunted house tale from Tabitha Cross…

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The Haunting of Ripley Castle

Lord Leonard Ripley built a monument of love to his wife Lady Edith. Can such an affirmation of love be destroyed for all time by one woman’s intolerance, hatred and envy of her own blood sister?
The purity and joy which filled the castle is soon replaced by witchcraft, murder, madness and kidnapping. The love eroded by insidiousness. But there was one survivor. Was the Ripley lineage perpetuated or did it die with this one person?
Skipping ahead four centuries to the present, and the caretaker of the castle is found dead in the cottage neighbouring the castle. The castle has been abandoned many years, following its residents’ horrific experiences. Since the caretaker’s son, Matthew has no semblance of life after a sequence of personal failures, he agrees to take up his father’s legacy and moves into the cottage as caretaker. Matthew is a dedicated sceptic of all matters ghoulish relating to the purported hauntings of the property.
Cynical, lonely, downtrodden and a steadfast drunk, Matthew patrols the castle and settles into a mundane existence. Until an enthusiastic Master’s student invades his private life seeking answers to the history of the castle. Elizabeth may well help Matthew more than he enlightens her.

History and present-day merge into incredible clarity as the two investigate the haunting of Ripley Castle.

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The Haunting of Bloodlore House

Bloodlore House is stepped in tragic history when the love of a Catholic girl led to the murder of her Protestant love, and her grief tainted the house for centuries. Forbidden love spans the ages to occupy Bloodlore House for ever after.

The Barnes family move into an expansive old Tudor home, never imaging they could ever own such splendour. The family’s three children, Sam and Jane, and Bridget, the brooding, love-sick teenager have the uppermost third-floor room as their game room, and a local babysitter, Tess thrown in to the mix. This room comes with a sinister ambience, an irremovable wooden cross and a jammed window, but is there more lurking unseen in this otherwise empty old room?

Nightmares, voices and inexplicable happenings change each family member in different ways, and the babysitter is not left unscathed. Who will win out, the ancient or the contemporary?

This compelling debut from Tabatha Cross will have the hairs standing on the back of your neck.

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