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The Haunting of Blackshade House

An apparition or a Guardian Angel? That would depend entirely on one's perspective.

Belladonna Black had watched her parents fall prey to the greedy con-artists passing themselves off as mediums, in their pathetic eagerness to believe that they could contact their beloved Mindy in death. Belladonna blamed herself for her little sister, Mindy's death, and now, as a grown woman, she had made it her business to debunk ghosts and the possibility of contact from beyond the grave.

Black’s Paranormal Private Investigation Services received a commission from Sherrie to disprove her husband's claims that their home was haunted. The perfect job for a skeptic in the business of disproving just this.

Until Belladonna moves into the decrepit old house which Sherrie apparently shares with her three young daughters and her seemingly delusional father. Belladonna battles against presumed faulty equipment and a secretive family, to make a discovery which promises to change the course of her life forever.

Can the dead challenge their fate, and help the living to expose the evils of this world hidden beyond the facades of decency?

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