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A Christmas Haunting

During the last months of the First World War, a scarred and battle weary soldier returns home on Christmas Eve to spend time with his family for the first time in many long years. But his youngest daughter, Susan Barnaby has been sent out of London, to be kept safe.

Generations later the Joneses move into the house, just in time for Christmas. They decorate their impressively large Christmas tree in front of the bay window, much as the Barnaby's did that fateful Christmas eve a lifetime ago. But the Jones's tree has electric fairy lights in place of the candles of a forgotten time; theirs is not that much of a fire risk.

When the World War I print of the London Tattler newspaper headlines which Gloria had hung in the hallway, became inexplicably displaced in the middle of the night, and Adam starts seeing reflections that aren't really there, things started getting questionable in the Jones' household. Then there's little Ella's imaginary friend, Margaret and Adam scaring the bejeebers out of the carollers when the Christmas tree seems to be flaming to ashes inside his bay window while they are singing to the family outside.

The family abandon the house. Gloria and Adam decide to call in the experts, Eve White the paranormal investigator spends a night in the house alone, and things start making some sense.

With a little help from those unseen dead from beyond, and a little prompting from Eve, the mystery of the Barnaby House Tragedy is partly solved. But Eve will have to do better than partly to get the Jones family to move back into their home before Christmas!

A seasonal chilling tale of family, loss and togetherness that will have you looking over your shoulder, sipping on your egg nog this Christmas

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The Haunting of Devilwill Copse Roundhouse

“We are both in the business of the dead.”

Belladonna Black, owner of Black Paranormal Private Investigations was quite used to all and sundry asking after her services, however, the phone call from the Project Director of Devilswill Copse House did come as a surprise. A ghostly horse and ancient Roman Legionnaire riding through their archaeological educational site was not something the director or the school children in attendance were prepared to overlook.

Around 400AD Albus, the fierce Roman Legionnaire was living in a typical roundhouse in Britain, kept company by his cherished and trusted stallion, Delicutus, awaiting leave to return to his beloved Rome. He had fallen in love with the Goth girl, Bijou whose family would not have condoned the relationship.

What had happened in this Copse so many centuries ago that was now manifesting in this center of learning amongst the artifacts of the past? Could Bella satisfy Devilswill's director, Slade Simmersby's concerns, with or without her dead sister Mindy's help?

The learned practitioners of the present are called upon to right the hurts of the past, but can anyone help the dead to settle after the atrocities committed in a different world so very long ago?

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