A Valentine’s Haunting

“I know what you did". Blake and Cecile Slade may not have had the best marriage, short-lived as it was, and the old Victorian house on Lake Canewdon was not about to give up its ghosts. Or so it seemed.

Tiff and John Ratterly needed to escape the rat race, and now they had their own piece of heaven on Lake Canewdon, where they imagined their yet unborn children enjoying the lake, the great outdoors and the spacious old home which seemed suspended in time. Could it be that Sally, the house's longtime housekeeper, was just the most extraordinary cleaner ever? After night visions and inexplicable manifestations, John was ready to admit to possible somnambulism, or even insanity. How could Tiff not see what was in plain sight? A raven-haired beauty, a bullet hole in the door, blood spattered walls and a red-haired maniac with a loaded rifle.

When the estate agent had a slip of the tongue during John's questioning about his suspected non-disclosure before selling them the house, drunk Eric had his say, and then old Dr. Hightower mentioned the ghosts of the lake house, John delved into the history of his house. Tiff sought out a priest and John started to think the truth might be close to being revealed. Or was it? What did the lake hide and why was the house holding onto its ghosts so firmly? Maybe the Vatican Investigator had the cure....

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