The Belladonna Black Paranormal Investigator Series (3 Book Box Set)

3 Book Box Set - The Belladonna Black Paranormal Investigator Series

Haunted House Stories

Join our intrepid Investigator as she calls in help from unlikely sources and across dimensions to solve intriguing mysteries from beyond. In these three encounters, paranormal investigator Belladonna Black uses her grasp with those in the hereafter to solve inexplicable happenings in three very different locales across Britain.

Blackshade House calls on the dead to challenge their fate, to help the living expose the evils of this world hidden beyond the facades of decency.

Devilwill Copse Roundhouse is visited by an ancient legionnaire on his terrifying horse, and it is up to our investigator to right the hurts of the past, and settle the dead from both a different world and a very long time past.

Heartsfield House is a truly stately home, beset upon by an angry specter seemingly out to harm. Belladonna will need all the help she can muster from the already dead to save the living in this house. When a heart endures across time and space, Sarah returns to her home from beyond to protect the generation that followed.

This Box Set Includes:

The Haunting of Blackshade House Book 1
The Haunting of Devilwill Copse Roundhouse Book 2
The Haunting of Heartsfield House Book 3

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