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The Haunting of Draker House

When a Godly soul turns bad, what can be done to save the innocents in its wake?

Peter and Priscilla Townslit bought Draker House in Worcester, and moved their three children there to save Peter from the stressful city job in the financial sector which was slowly killing the man they knew as a loving father and husband. The former pub and the cobblestone path bridging the Publican House and the Townslit’s cottage were rumoured to be haunted by a priest in red robes. Furthermore, it was warned to be deadly to be in the pub alone after the midnight hour. Had the previous barkeepers run into an evil entity or were suicide and natural causes really the reasons behind their untimely deaths? After two years as Publicans and residents, experience saw to it that Peter and Priscilla no longer set foot in their pub after dark.

The Vatican sent Father McGill to investigate possible demonic possession, and he took his job very seriously. Armed with a dog-collar and an ancient silver crucifix, McGill secretly hoped that this case would present his first entity. After all, his education and training were of little use if he never actually encountered a demonic presence. Too many had already lost their lives to the Draker, although superstitions and tales surrounding the erstwhile convent nuns and iniquitous priests had never been proven in all the years. If anyone could prove or disprove the barroom tales, McGill was the man to do so. And do so he would.

Pull up a bar stool and see what comes of the Vatican Investigator's exploration into the myths and truths behind the history of Draker Public House.

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The Belladonna Black Paranormal Investigator Series (3 Book Box Set)

3 Book Box Set - The Belladonna Black Paranormal Investigator Series

Haunted House Stories

Join our intrepid Investigator as she calls in help from unlikely sources and across dimensions to solve intriguing mysteries from beyond. In these three encounters, paranormal investigator Belladonna Black uses her grasp with those in the hereafter to solve inexplicable happenings in three very different locales across Britain.

Blackshade House calls on the dead to challenge their fate, to help the living expose the evils of this world hidden beyond the facades of decency.

Devilwill Copse Roundhouse is visited by an ancient legionnaire on his terrifying horse, and it is up to our investigator to right the hurts of the past, and settle the dead from both a different world and a very long time past.

Heartsfield House is a truly stately home, beset upon by an angry specter seemingly out to harm. Belladonna will need all the help she can muster from the already dead to save the living in this house. When a heart endures across time and space, Sarah returns to her home from beyond to protect the generation that followed.

This Box Set Includes:

The Haunting of Blackshade House Book 1
The Haunting of Devilwill Copse Roundhouse Book 2
The Haunting of Heartsfield House Book 3

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A Valentine’s Haunting

“I know what you did". Blake and Cecile Slade may not have had the best marriage, short-lived as it was, and the old Victorian house on Lake Canewdon was not about to give up its ghosts. Or so it seemed.

Tiff and John Ratterly needed to escape the rat race, and now they had their own piece of heaven on Lake Canewdon, where they imagined their yet unborn children enjoying the lake, the great outdoors and the spacious old home which seemed suspended in time. Could it be that Sally, the house's longtime housekeeper, was just the most extraordinary cleaner ever? After night visions and inexplicable manifestations, John was ready to admit to possible somnambulism, or even insanity. How could Tiff not see what was in plain sight? A raven-haired beauty, a bullet hole in the door, blood spattered walls and a red-haired maniac with a loaded rifle.

When the estate agent had a slip of the tongue during John's questioning about his suspected non-disclosure before selling them the house, drunk Eric had his say, and then old Dr. Hightower mentioned the ghosts of the lake house, John delved into the history of his house. Tiff sought out a priest and John started to think the truth might be close to being revealed. Or was it? What did the lake hide and why was the house holding onto its ghosts so firmly? Maybe the Vatican Investigator had the cure....

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The Haunting of Heartsfield House (A Belladonna Black Paranormal Investigator Story Book 3)

Belladonna Black has her work cut out for her, having accepted an assignment from Lady Petula Clark of Heartsfield House, to check out suspected paranormal activity there. A visiting American journalist had been attacked by an entity in the house; not once, but twice. While Heartsfield had a colourful history, not the least of which having doubled as a convalescent home for injured allied soldiers during WW II, no one had ever encountered dangerous entities here before now.

Sarah had opened Heartsfield House as a hospital, and as a suspected widow of the war, she invested all her effort to assisting these war weary men. If the wartime tales were to be believed, her kindness had been rewarded when she was saved by a convalescing young American soldier shortly before the end of the war. Recent events however showed a seemingly different character. While Sarah's great grand daughter Gem had developed more than a passing interest in the American house guest and journalist, Earl, Sarah was apparently having none of it. With Earl recovering in hospital, Belladonna investigates the secrets of Heartsfield House, and comes up with more than anyone of them could ever have imagined!

A truly intriguing story of love beyond possibilities and odds, of familial bonds spanning time and place. Join our intrepid Investigator as she calls in help from unlikely sources and across dimensions to solve yet another mystery from beyond.

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A Christmas Haunting

During the last months of the First World War, a scarred and battle weary soldier returns home on Christmas Eve to spend time with his family for the first time in many long years. But his youngest daughter, Susan Barnaby has been sent out of London, to be kept safe.

Generations later the Joneses move into the house, just in time for Christmas. They decorate their impressively large Christmas tree in front of the bay window, much as the Barnaby's did that fateful Christmas eve a lifetime ago. But the Jones's tree has electric fairy lights in place of the candles of a forgotten time; theirs is not that much of a fire risk.

When the World War I print of the London Tattler newspaper headlines which Gloria had hung in the hallway, became inexplicably displaced in the middle of the night, and Adam starts seeing reflections that aren't really there, things started getting questionable in the Jones' household. Then there's little Ella's imaginary friend, Margaret and Adam scaring the bejeebers out of the carollers when the Christmas tree seems to be flaming to ashes inside his bay window while they are singing to the family outside.

The family abandon the house. Gloria and Adam decide to call in the experts, Eve White the paranormal investigator spends a night in the house alone, and things start making some sense.

With a little help from those unseen dead from beyond, and a little prompting from Eve, the mystery of the Barnaby House Tragedy is partly solved. But Eve will have to do better than partly to get the Jones family to move back into their home before Christmas!

A seasonal chilling tale of family, loss and togetherness that will have you looking over your shoulder, sipping on your egg nog this Christmas

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The Haunting of Devilwill Copse Roundhouse

“We are both in the business of the dead.”

Belladonna Black, owner of Black Paranormal Private Investigations was quite used to all and sundry asking after her services, however, the phone call from the Project Director of Devilswill Copse House did come as a surprise. A ghostly horse and ancient Roman Legionnaire riding through their archaeological educational site was not something the director or the school children in attendance were prepared to overlook.

Around 400AD Albus, the fierce Roman Legionnaire was living in a typical roundhouse in Britain, kept company by his cherished and trusted stallion, Delicutus, awaiting leave to return to his beloved Rome. He had fallen in love with the Goth girl, Bijou whose family would not have condoned the relationship.

What had happened in this Copse so many centuries ago that was now manifesting in this center of learning amongst the artifacts of the past? Could Bella satisfy Devilswill's director, Slade Simmersby's concerns, with or without her dead sister Mindy's help?

The learned practitioners of the present are called upon to right the hurts of the past, but can anyone help the dead to settle after the atrocities committed in a different world so very long ago?

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The Haunting of Blackshade House

An apparition or a Guardian Angel? That would depend entirely on one's perspective.

Belladonna Black had watched her parents fall prey to the greedy con-artists passing themselves off as mediums, in their pathetic eagerness to believe that they could contact their beloved Mindy in death. Belladonna blamed herself for her little sister, Mindy's death, and now, as a grown woman, she had made it her business to debunk ghosts and the possibility of contact from beyond the grave.

Black’s Paranormal Private Investigation Services received a commission from Sherrie to disprove her husband's claims that their home was haunted. The perfect job for a skeptic in the business of disproving just this.

Until Belladonna moves into the decrepit old house which Sherrie apparently shares with her three young daughters and her seemingly delusional father. Belladonna battles against presumed faulty equipment and a secretive family, to make a discovery which promises to change the course of her life forever.

Can the dead challenge their fate, and help the living to expose the evils of this world hidden beyond the facades of decency?

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The Haunting of Haelstrom Cottage

After a while the lurking evil realised that it would not be left alone in its haunt. It needed to do something prudent. It needed to do something right away 

”Beware the shadow, the darkness that dwells, the horror that maddens,” 

Philip built the house beside the lake, in the constant shadow of Wickerbatch hill, surrounded by Crickernock Forest. It was the house that he was to live in with his beloved wife Rosie and their baby boy, Lewis. For all eternity. Them and the resident, lurking nameless evil in the shadows of Haelstrom Cottage. The cottage rested at the foot of the hill in such a way that sunlight never reached it. The towering mound of Wickerbatch Hill stood behind it, and all around it was the thicket of Crickernock Forest.

Emma was the new nurse in Salisbury, relegated to the cesspool of the profession. It was a long way from the city of London that had been her home, and all she had was her unreliable old car and a bachelor apartment on the outskirts of Salisbury. And now at last she had an old lady to care for, living alone way outside of Salisbury, under a forested mountain next to a lake. How lovely it all sounded.

Emma is found knocking back the whiskeys in a Salisbury pub not two days after leaving to care for Mrs Garret. Old, crippled, mute Lisa Garret now has a new persona. Emma is no longer sure of her own sanity. There had been blood, a baby boy, and a man with a cleaver and a woman. And there had been the crippled lady's metal cross. And the warning...

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The Haunting of Stonegate Workhouse

“To be uninitiated to horrors, whether they are of the past or of the present, is a gift of ignorance that I shall forever long for, since its loss was in part due to my own doing, though I must mention I was not responsible for anything vile. If anything, my account, written with care and trepidation, is for you, Reader, so that you too are initiated to horror”

Doctor Alexander Bowles, Professor of History at the University of Sheffield had the Stonegate Workhouse declared a historical site. Now he had to get that made official, with the help of two History students, Martin and Troy. With his marriage in tatters and his personal life a mess, he was ready to take on the money-grabbing developers to restore this derelict one-hundred-and-ten-year-old workhouse to its former glory as a museum.

The old Workhouse had been the life dream of a wealthy Philanthropist with a ne’er do well, spoilt son, who sadly did not survive to see his establishment fully realised. On their debut expedition inside the old building, Alex and his students each experienced their own very unique encounters of phenomena.

Would these visitations lead the benevolent historians to their end, or guide them ever nearer to succeeding in their goal? Can anyone truly survive an encounter with the dead with their wits intact?

This captivating look into the depths of human depravity and the supernatural will have you viewing the haunted and derelict old buildings in your life with a fresh perspective.

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The Haunting of Shadowlands Manor

Devastated by a personal tragedy, the Browning family move into Shadowlands Manor. But their plans for a happy new future come to a screeching halt when their youngest child discovers something in the attic. Beset by creeping shadows that bite, and a spirit that threatens their very lives, will the Browning’s manage to secure their home, or will they have to pay a heavy price?

Inexplicable malevolent onslaughts to their new home start to take a toll on the tapestry of the family unit, and Hugh Browning must look to the unimaginable to help keep his family safe, with their sanity intact.

The author moves engagingly between the two eras, creating endearing characters and holding the reader spellbound with this new chilling tale from Tabatha Cross…

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