The Haunting of Blackmore House

Blackmore house had paid its dues as a home to the wealthy Blackmore family, then Mistress Blackmore and eventually the Hospice Care Home. But Jasper has high hopes that it will rejuvenate his ailing wife, Jane, a year after her paralysing accident, and rehabilitate their strained relationship. He buys the house and moves Jane in, but sans the yearned for enthusiasm.

Jasper starts working longer hours and becomes less interactive, and Jane accepts that her months of aloofness are to blame. Maybe she could give him the baby he longs for, maybe she could be the wife he longs for even without her agility.

Jane is fairly house-bound, but active and engaged, although the persistent thudding from that locked room upstairs is wearing her nerves thin. Where is the key? Why that continuous noise? Is she being watched, or is she indeed paranoid? Jasper is not interested in discussing any of her questions.

Will the house claim their love or can the Andrews couple live their lives out happily ever after in Blackmore House?

Find out what happens to the family in his new chilling classic haunted house tale from Tabitha Cross…

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