The Haunting of Bloodlore House

Bloodlore House is stepped in tragic history when the love of a Catholic girl led to the murder of her Protestant love, and her grief tainted the house for centuries. Forbidden love spans the ages to occupy Bloodlore House for ever after.

The Barnes family move into an expansive old Tudor home, never imaging they could ever own such splendour. The family’s three children, Sam and Jane, and Bridget, the brooding, love-sick teenager have the uppermost third-floor room as their game room, and a local babysitter, Tess thrown in to the mix. This room comes with a sinister ambience, an irremovable wooden cross and a jammed window, but is there more lurking unseen in this otherwise empty old room?

Nightmares, voices and inexplicable happenings change each family member in different ways, and the babysitter is not left unscathed. Who will win out, the ancient or the contemporary?

This compelling debut from Tabatha Cross will have the hairs standing on the back of your neck.

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