The Haunting of Devilwill Copse Roundhouse

“We are both in the business of the dead.”

Belladonna Black, owner of Black Paranormal Private Investigations was quite used to all and sundry asking after her services, however, the phone call from the Project Director of Devilswill Copse House did come as a surprise. A ghostly horse and ancient Roman Legionnaire riding through their archaeological educational site was not something the director or the school children in attendance were prepared to overlook.

Around 400AD Albus, the fierce Roman Legionnaire was living in a typical roundhouse in Britain, kept company by his cherished and trusted stallion, Delicutus, awaiting leave to return to his beloved Rome. He had fallen in love with the Goth girl, Bijou whose family would not have condoned the relationship.

What had happened in this Copse so many centuries ago that was now manifesting in this center of learning amongst the artifacts of the past? Could Bella satisfy Devilswill's director, Slade Simmersby's concerns, with or without her dead sister Mindy's help?

The learned practitioners of the present are called upon to right the hurts of the past, but can anyone help the dead to settle after the atrocities committed in a different world so very long ago?

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