The Haunting of Draker House

When a Godly soul turns bad, what can be done to save the innocents in its wake?

Peter and Priscilla Townslit bought Draker House in Worcester, and moved their three children there to save Peter from the stressful city job in the financial sector which was slowly killing the man they knew as a loving father and husband. The former pub and the cobblestone path bridging the Publican House and the Townslit’s cottage were rumoured to be haunted by a priest in red robes. Furthermore, it was warned to be deadly to be in the pub alone after the midnight hour. Had the previous barkeepers run into an evil entity or were suicide and natural causes really the reasons behind their untimely deaths? After two years as Publicans and residents, experience saw to it that Peter and Priscilla no longer set foot in their pub after dark.

The Vatican sent Father McGill to investigate possible demonic possession, and he took his job very seriously. Armed with a dog-collar and an ancient silver crucifix, McGill secretly hoped that this case would present his first entity. After all, his education and training were of little use if he never actually encountered a demonic presence. Too many had already lost their lives to the Draker, although superstitions and tales surrounding the erstwhile convent nuns and iniquitous priests had never been proven in all the years. If anyone could prove or disprove the barroom tales, McGill was the man to do so. And do so he would.

Pull up a bar stool and see what comes of the Vatican Investigator's exploration into the myths and truths behind the history of Draker Public House.

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