The Haunting of Haelstrom Cottage

After a while the lurking evil realised that it would not be left alone in its haunt. It needed to do something prudent. It needed to do something right away 

”Beware the shadow, the darkness that dwells, the horror that maddens,” 

Philip built the house beside the lake, in the constant shadow of Wickerbatch hill, surrounded by Crickernock Forest. It was the house that he was to live in with his beloved wife Rosie and their baby boy, Lewis. For all eternity. Them and the resident, lurking nameless evil in the shadows of Haelstrom Cottage. The cottage rested at the foot of the hill in such a way that sunlight never reached it. The towering mound of Wickerbatch Hill stood behind it, and all around it was the thicket of Crickernock Forest.

Emma was the new nurse in Salisbury, relegated to the cesspool of the profession. It was a long way from the city of London that had been her home, and all she had was her unreliable old car and a bachelor apartment on the outskirts of Salisbury. And now at last she had an old lady to care for, living alone way outside of Salisbury, under a forested mountain next to a lake. How lovely it all sounded.

Emma is found knocking back the whiskeys in a Salisbury pub not two days after leaving to care for Mrs Garret. Old, crippled, mute Lisa Garret now has a new persona. Emma is no longer sure of her own sanity. There had been blood, a baby boy, and a man with a cleaver and a woman. And there had been the crippled lady's metal cross. And the warning...

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