The Haunting of Heartsfield House (A Belladonna Black Paranormal Investigator Story Book 3)

Belladonna Black has her work cut out for her, having accepted an assignment from Lady Petula Clark of Heartsfield House, to check out suspected paranormal activity there. A visiting American journalist had been attacked by an entity in the house; not once, but twice. While Heartsfield had a colourful history, not the least of which having doubled as a convalescent home for injured allied soldiers during WW II, no one had ever encountered dangerous entities here before now.

Sarah had opened Heartsfield House as a hospital, and as a suspected widow of the war, she invested all her effort to assisting these war weary men. If the wartime tales were to be believed, her kindness had been rewarded when she was saved by a convalescing young American soldier shortly before the end of the war. Recent events however showed a seemingly different character. While Sarah's great grand daughter Gem had developed more than a passing interest in the American house guest and journalist, Earl, Sarah was apparently having none of it. With Earl recovering in hospital, Belladonna investigates the secrets of Heartsfield House, and comes up with more than anyone of them could ever have imagined!

A truly intriguing story of love beyond possibilities and odds, of familial bonds spanning time and place. Join our intrepid Investigator as she calls in help from unlikely sources and across dimensions to solve yet another mystery from beyond.

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