The Haunting of Ripley Castle

Lord Leonard Ripley built a monument of love to his wife Lady Edith. Can such an affirmation of love be destroyed for all time by one woman’s intolerance, hatred and envy of her own blood sister?
The purity and joy which filled the castle is soon replaced by witchcraft, murder, madness and kidnapping. The love eroded by insidiousness. But there was one survivor. Was the Ripley lineage perpetuated or did it die with this one person?
Skipping ahead four centuries to the present, and the caretaker of the castle is found dead in the cottage neighbouring the castle. The castle has been abandoned many years, following its residents’ horrific experiences. Since the caretaker’s son, Matthew has no semblance of life after a sequence of personal failures, he agrees to take up his father’s legacy and moves into the cottage as caretaker. Matthew is a dedicated sceptic of all matters ghoulish relating to the purported hauntings of the property.
Cynical, lonely, downtrodden and a steadfast drunk, Matthew patrols the castle and settles into a mundane existence. Until an enthusiastic Master’s student invades his private life seeking answers to the history of the castle. Elizabeth may well help Matthew more than he enlightens her.

History and present-day merge into incredible clarity as the two investigate the haunting of Ripley Castle.

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