The Haunting of Stonegate Workhouse

“To be uninitiated to horrors, whether they are of the past or of the present, is a gift of ignorance that I shall forever long for, since its loss was in part due to my own doing, though I must mention I was not responsible for anything vile. If anything, my account, written with care and trepidation, is for you, Reader, so that you too are initiated to horror”

Doctor Alexander Bowles, Professor of History at the University of Sheffield had the Stonegate Workhouse declared a historical site. Now he had to get that made official, with the help of two History students, Martin and Troy. With his marriage in tatters and his personal life a mess, he was ready to take on the money-grabbing developers to restore this derelict one-hundred-and-ten-year-old workhouse to its former glory as a museum.

The old Workhouse had been the life dream of a wealthy Philanthropist with a ne’er do well, spoilt son, who sadly did not survive to see his establishment fully realised. On their debut expedition inside the old building, Alex and his students each experienced their own very unique encounters of phenomena.

Would these visitations lead the benevolent historians to their end, or guide them ever nearer to succeeding in their goal? Can anyone truly survive an encounter with the dead with their wits intact?

This captivating look into the depths of human depravity and the supernatural will have you viewing the haunted and derelict old buildings in your life with a fresh perspective.

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