The Christmas Curse

At Christmas 1840 there was a terrible tragedy at Greystone Manor, and since that time tenants have come and gone. Some have complained of a haunting sadness that gradually overwhelmed them and robbed them of their will to live, while others have told of seeing spirits that haunted the place. One or two tenants left because they would hear an awful wailing within the halls of the manor. For some time now, the manor has stood empty, abandoned for its reputation of being haunted.

Jodie March is a bestselling horror writer. She and her husband, David, have moved into Greystone Manor, where she hopes to find inspiration for her next novel. What Jodie does not know is that the manor has a curse over it and she, inadvertently, calls the curse down upon herself.

David is sympathetic but does not believe that the frightening things Jodie claims to be seeing are of supernatural origin. Alone in her suffering, Jodie gradually descends into madness.

Eventually, she and David flee the manor, but Jodie learns that you cannot outrun a curse. She realises that she must return to the manor for a final confrontation with the terrifying apparition that has been haunting her.

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