The Haven Haunting

Mercy Children’s Haven, was once an orphanage and psychiatric institute, and saw Catholic nuns caring for abandoned and orphaned children. Nurse Lily only saw ill treatment of the vulnerable and abandoned children by the nuns. She tried to protect them where she could.

Eighty five years on, Asterfields has been built from the ground up, the realisation of Cara and Shaun’s ambitious dream. Together with a small staff and their two young children, May and Carl, the couple run a successful resort. That is for the first three months, and then the paying guests started reporting unexplainable occurrences in the dead of night. There seemed no option but to reverse bookings to safeguard the resort's good reputation. Something had to be done. Time was of the essence. In the meantime, Shaun’s actions had him riddled with guilt and he started to take this out on little May.

Something or someone from the past was out to protect the children.

Could the sins of the past be rectified and the resident evil be placated before the couple's familial world disintegrated at their feet? Could whatever had transpired on this ground be unearthed and laid to rest to ensure a peaceful future free of haunting?

The author leads you through the steps of the past into the present to answer these questions and also the untended calls of the vulnerable across time.

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