The Junkyard Haunting

The Carling twins became the most feared and brutal of their time, among the underworld characters in Britain. But their cruelty and wickedness caught up with them, and Bobbie died in prison after Benny drew his last breath in a mental asylum. But not before they had made use of the Reservoir Junkyard as a personal cemetery for the convenient disposal of their murder victims.

Fifty years later, Kim and Tim had settled in the new estate development. Their carefree travel days were over now that they had Minnie, who was already a year old. They had bought two cottages in the estate, one in which to live and the other for Kim to run her nursery school. When the older of the 6 children she had in her care started to show concerning behaviour in the nursery, they knew that whatever bad man was in their space had to be dealt with. Research into the history of the area only served to concern Kim and Tim even more.

Would the young couple be forced to abandon their dream home and business to the ghosts of the past?

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