The Windmill

Life had taken so much from Sarah and Christian Black, but now it seemed to be giving back a little. Balmore Windmill seemed to Christian to revive that part of his wife he had thought was forever dead. He was glad they had made the decision to buy it and the adjoining house.

When a lightning storm hits the decrepit house while Sarah is there alone, things change markedly for Sarah, and Christian returns in time to see her overcome by madness.

The local barmaid, Rosemary holds an inexplicable allure for Sarah, and she is yet to figure out the mystery that surrounds the Turners, who seem to own the village and all who live and work in it. Can the village 'witches', Mabel and Millie, answer some of the overwhelming questions and inexplicable mysteries surrounding the Windmill, the Turners, the fiery manifestation and Rosemary Jones? Will Sarah ever be courageous enough to again step foot in what was to be their 'new beginnings'? What of Rosemary Jones? Were the 'witches' correct in their prediction that the new woman in town would be the town's salvation?

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